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Greg Barniskis nalists at
Thu Aug 3 16:17:18 UTC 2006

Igor Treyger wrote:
> Hi,
> I have burned 3 iso images on CDs:
> FreeBSB 6.1 disk1
> FreeBSB 6.1 disk2
> FreeBSB 6.1 Boot
> All of them i386
> I have Compaq workstation that is currently running Windows2000
> Problem:
> Desktop would not boot with FreeBSB 6.1Boot. I have tried FreeBSBDisk1 - 
> same result. What am I doing wrong. Please HELP!
> The boot order in BIOS -  CD Rom first
> I am trying to get familiar with UNIX OS
> Thanks
> Igor Treyger

The Boot disc is mainly for testing and repairs. You will want to 
boot with disc 1 to actually install FreeBSD. But they don't boot 
for you...

Did you "Create CD from ISO image" or "Burn from image" as some CD 
writing software calls it? A .iso file represents an entire CD file 
system, so if you simply copied the .iso files to the CDs like you 
would any other files, then that is what is wrong. Search for "ISO" 
in the Help for your CD burning software.

If you correctly created CDs from the ISO images by burning their 
images rather than copying files, but you still cannot boot, test 
booting with other bootable CDs like the Windows disc that came with 
your PC. Make sure that your PC really can boot from CD.

If your PC can boot from CD, but not from correctly burned FreeBSD 
CDs, write to this email list a description of exactly what does 
happen when you try.

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