17" or 19"

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Wed Aug 2 22:34:45 UTC 2006

On Aug 2, 2006, at 4:25 PM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

>> Two LCD screens. Both have the same resolution (1280x1024)
>> The 19" is $100 more expensive as the 17"
>> What would to your opinions be the right thing to do.
>> Go for the 17" or the larger (but probably a little less crystal  
>> sharp)
>> 19" one. I'm not that rich. Probably my doubts are rooted in this;-)
>> Thanks for any advice.
> If the quality is good, go for the bigger one.
> Then you can set back a little instead of hunching
> forward to see the little stuff.   The sharpness will
> be so much better than an old CRT that the tiny difference
> in sharpness will not be meaningful.

It all depends on your eyes :-)

I don't know what the costs are in Holland but you may want to see if  
you can find a 19" widescreen (1440x900) screen...   I just got one  
from "Hanns-G" for $180 and it is quite nice and in the same ballpark  
as standard 19" but with more "usable" space.


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