long ftp dir listings

Sandy Rutherford sandy at krvarr.bc.ca
Thu Sep 29 14:08:20 PDT 2005

>>>>> On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:27:31 -0700, 
>>>>> David <freebsd-questions at gv.net> said:

 > I am often annoyed trying to get a long directory listing from my unix box
 > while ftp'ing somewhere. <pause> is hardly useful, since the listing goes
 > by to quickly. Occasionally, I have found a site that uses |more , but this
 > is unusual. I often resort to using ftp in Windows DOS mode so I can scroll
 > up a long listing. Any good methods would be appreciated.

If you are an Emacs user, you can use Dired and EFS (or Ange-FTP) to
browse FTP listings.  Ange-FTP only understands remote unix-style
listings.  EFS can additionally parse listings from:

VMS, CMS, MTS, MVS, ti-twenex, ti-explorer (the last two are lisp
machines), TOPS-20, DOS (running the Distinct, Novell, FTP software,
NCSA, Microsoft in both unix and DOS mode, Super TCP, and Hellsoft FTP
servers), unix descriptive listings (dl), KA9Q, OS/2, VOS, NOS/VE, CMS
running the KNET server, Tandem's Guardian OS, COKE, Mac (Running
Peter's ftpd)

In other words, pretty much anything.

Emacs + Dired works fine on a dumb terminal.  If you have X running
and you would rather avoid Emacs, then search the ports for FTP
clients with a GUI.  There are a number of them.


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