Should I write bug report?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Sep 28 06:27:29 PDT 2005

> Hello everybody,
> I've experienced a bug that causes a reboot under FreeBSD 5.4 and I 
> wonder if I should write an 'open' bug report or a 'secret' mail to one 
> of the FreeBSD developers. This bug doesn't seem to be hardware-related 
> and is easily reproducible by a normal user (with no special 
> privileges), so the latter is perhaps the better option.
> Perhaps I'm making a fuss about nothing (ugh, this sounds wrong, sorry 
> for my english).
> I'm not on this list, so please cc me.

Do a bug report.   Use sendpr.
This is open source software and there are no secrets.


> Bye,
> Tobias Mohrlüder
> _______________________________________________

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