Mark Kane mark at
Mon Sep 26 08:04:18 PDT 2005

Mike Hernandez wrote:
> On 9/26/05, Cristian Mijea <cmijea at> wrote:
>>I am trying to broadcast live content captured via
>>a sound card.  And I tried to install MuSE, via ports.
> Can Muse actually do that sort of thing? I thought it was just a
> sequencer? I use darkice + shoutcast server to stream content from my
> dj equipment... maybe that will work for you.

I'm not sure why it won't compile, but I just wanted to say that MuSE 
and MusE are different things.

MusE is the sequencer you are thinking of. MuSE is a "Multiple Streaming 
Engine", which outputs to SHOUT/Icecast servers. I use MuSE (command 
line part) for all my live streaming and it works great.

I hope a solution comes along for your compiling problem. :)


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