Dual boot solution

K Wieland kwieland at wustl.edu
Mon Sep 26 07:39:58 PDT 2005

> I haven't done enough installations recently to answer.  Are you
> saying that if you leave the "fdisk" screen with no primary partition
> marked active or with the MSFT one marked active, then it switches
> it to the soon-to-be-FreeBSD one?
> One of the installer's help files says:
>     If no slice is marked Active, you will need to either install a
>     Boot Manager (the option for which will be presented later in the
>     installation) or set one Active before leaving this screen.

This was my experience.  I didn't set either of them active (even 
though the windows partition was active prior to running fdisk) and it 
defaulted to setting the BSD partition active.

>> Why couldn't sysinstall set the active bit to the other partition?
> It could, but that wouldn't always be a good choice, would it?  IMO,
> if any are already set active, it should leave them alone and not set
> any others; else, set active the primary partition of the soon-to-be
> FreeBSD root file system.

After I realized that something wasn't right, I tried to run sysinstall 
to set the windows partion as the active partition (which worked when I 
was installing 5.4).  In the fdisk screen in sysinstall, when I tried 
to write the changes (make the windows partition active) it would give 
me an error.  Is this something you can only do on installs, not after 
the fact?

I just submitted a PR, I'll CC you when it is processed.

Thanks for your help.


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