top and ps fail on 6.0-BETA5

Chris racerx at
Fri Sep 23 18:01:30 PDT 2005

Doug Poland wrote:
> Hello,
> I've noticed that top and ps are failing on my recently re-built
> 6.0-BETA5 box.  Ordinarilly that means that the "world" and the "kernel"
> are out of sync.  However, I've cvsup'd and rebuilt and installed world
> and GENERIC (several times).  
> Yesterday I rebuilt all my ports and today did a fresh
> cvsup/rebuild/install.  Still seeing the message:
> djp at ammon% top
> kvm_open: kinfo_proc size mismatch (expected 648, got 768)
> top: Out of memory.
> Here's uname: 
>   FreeBSD 6.0-BETA5 FreeBSD 6.0-BETA5 #0: Fri Sep 23 12:07:46 CDT 2005 djp at  i386
> /usr/src/UPDATING says:
> 20050609:
>         Changes were made to kinfo_proc in sys/user.h.  Please recompile
>         userland, or commands like `fstat', `pkill', `ps', `top' and `w'
>         will not behave correctly.
>         The API and ABI for hwpmc(4) have changed with the addition
>         of sampling support.  Please recompile lib/libpmc(3) and
>         usr.sbin/{pmcstat,pmccontrol}
> I've googled the lists but have found nothing on this.  I must be doing
> something wrong.  

I think the issue lies in the order you do things AFTER you cvsup the
src tree.

Best regards,

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the conclusions aren't likely to be very good.

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