Syslog to remote host

John Oxley john at
Thu Sep 22 02:32:10 PDT 2005

OK, I have syslog'ging to a remote host done.  I am logging from
morphine to marijuana.  On morphine I am saying, in /etc/syslog.conf                             

On marijuana, in /etc/rc.conf, I have put
syslogd_flags="-a morphine:* -b marijuana"
which according to me accepts from morphine and binds on marijuana.

All is working to here, everything that morphine syslogs to I
can on marijuana get that out with  The problem is it mixes
it up with marijuana's, and when I add a whole bunch of other
servers/switches/routers etc, its going to get VERY hairy.

How can I tell marijuana to log everything from morpine in
/var/log/morpine.  I have tried
+morphine         /var/log/morphine/maillog

But that does absolutely nothing.  I am having trouble understanding the
syslog.conf man page.



John Oxley
Systems Administrator
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echo '9k[l:l;s<s=0l>x]s"[1+l<dd*l=d*-l;+ds<rl=2**l:+ds=d*rd*+4<-d15>>] s>[q]s-[d77/3*2-s;47l"x-P1+d78>`]s`0[d23/.5-3*s:0l`xr10P1+d24>$]ds$x'|dc

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