FreeBSD 5.4 + VMware

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Tue Sep 20 17:35:19 PDT 2005

Aaron Peterson wrote:
> I've had problems loading/booting FreeBSD 5.4 in a virtual machine. 
> If I start in the default mode, it crashes VMware.  If I start with
> ACPI disabled it crashes VMware.  If I start in "Safe Mode" it works
> great.  So...  I want to learn about what is different about booting
> in "Safe Mode" from the default boot options.  That way I can further
> troubleshoot and find the culpret hopefully.  Thanks for any
> information regarding this issue.

Hi Aaron,
what host OS are you using? I dont recall having any problem with 5.4 on 
VmWare 4.5 Wkstation under WinXP.


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