Can I Rebuild / and /usr Remotely? Ideas?

D. Goss lists at
Tue Sep 20 15:17:20 PDT 2005

> Thanks.  Guess it'll just be easier to physically go to the  
> console.  Not that big of a deal in this case but I wanted to try  
> it remotely just for future reference.  That way if the need arose,  
> I could be fairly confident I could do it remotely.

It is OS independent but one thing to think about is that many brand- 
name servers have option cards (Comaq has it standard) that allow  
remote login to an independent IP address through a seperate network  
connection and they allow machine reboot, console viewing, etc.  The  
one that I have for an IBM server allows remote disk image mounting  
via a web based interface (via a java applet).  You can mount remote  
floppies or CDs and then reboot with them as if they were local.  I  
think most second generation remote cards from Dell, Compaq and IBM  
have this sort of functionality.  Some are around $100 on eBay and  
they occupy a single PCI slot.


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