Performance of mailserevr in FreeBSD 5.4

Randy Schultz schultz at
Tue Sep 20 06:53:31 PDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Sep 2005, Chuck Swiger spaketh thusly:

-}Deepak Naidu wrote:
-}>    I wanted to know whether FreeBSD can make a perfect
-}> mailserver compared to mailservers on linux.  I am in
-}> process of porting them, but needed some statistical
-}> info regarding its performance compared with other os.
-}FreeBSD makes a fine mailserver.

It certainly does.

A few months ago I did some testing and found that freebsd 5.4 with softupdates
enabled was able to process IIRC ~300% more email than fedora core 4.  In fact 
sendmail on fbsd 5.4 handled nearly as much email as postfix on fc4 while 
postfix on fbsd 5.4 was smokin' the wire.  I still have the hard data around 
somewhere if you think it'll be useful to you.

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