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> steve lasiter wrote:
> > My web server is up and running well and I can test
> > all by going to from any internal
> > workstation, but if I try to go to
> > from any internal workstation, which maps to the
> > IP directed to web server port 80 as it
> > should, 

That’s the problem - you are using NAT, you can't "go out and come back in",
your packets will expire because they will not be routed back in, and that's
by design.   You need to set up an internal forward zone in your DNS to
direct requests to the internal address .To see what I am talking about,
trying pinging your website from the inside using the external address.  If
your router is set up appropriately, you should get a  'TTL expired'

Set up an 'A' record for www in on one of your internal boxes
to point to, and set up forwarders to your ISP's name servers on
this box.  Set all your internal hosts to use that machine for DNS requests,
and you will be good to go.

-Joshua Weaver

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