CUPS, Foomatic, and HPIJS?

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Mon Sep 19 19:29:29 PDT 2005

Quoting Bob Johnson <fbsdlists at>:

> On 9/16/05, Eric Pretorious <epretorious at> wrote:
> > What do I have to do to install/use HPIJS without devoting my life
> > to
> > becoming a FreeBSD+CUPS expert?! (Setting up CUPS+foomatic+HPIJS
> > was a
> > breeze under Gentoo!)
> I find that apsfilter is a lot easier to install and configure than
> is
> CUPS, and it appears that the HPIJS driver got installed on my system
> when I installed apsfilter.  I don't use CUPS unless I really need
> the
> Internet Printing Protocol.
> - Bob


I had the same problem when I moved from gentoo to freebsd, (which is
only about two weeks ahead of you considering that is why I joined this
list in the first place.

im not sure if you are working from ports or not, but I chose to do
prebuilt packages, just to get the system going

I did a pkg_add -r ghostscript-gnu (not sure if this is required or not.
then I did a pkg_add -r cups
then pkg_add -r foomatic-db
pkg_add -r foomatic-db-engine
pkg_add -f foomatic-filters

(please note I couldnt find a "meta" package that installs everything)

then I did a pkg_add -r hpijs

and that was all I needed to get cups running with my hp laserjet 1100


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