Examples of IPFtest?

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Mon Sep 19 07:36:45 PDT 2005

Bob Perry <rperry at gti.net> writes:

> Recently set up a firewall using ipf and apparently ran into a problem
> with FTP sites.  Received error, "No route to host" while fetching files
> located on ftp sites during portupgrade and also was unable to open the
> FreeBSD FTP Server (550 Could not accept passive data connection-timed
> out.)  Had no problem once I disabled the firewall.
> I noticed there was a test utility called ipftest available but the man
> page didn't help me understand how it functions.  Has anyone utilized
> this utility?  Is there a site that is more informative than the man
> page?
> In the mean time, I do remember scanning an article on active FTP vs
> passive FTP which may be a good "next step" given the browser error
> message 550.

The ipf section in the Handbook has a whole subsection on dealing with FTP.

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