sshd port forward

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Sep 19 06:50:23 PDT 2005

Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> I'm connecting from a windows box, using putty.

Ok, this wasn't clear.

> in the SSH > Tunnels section of the connexion, there is:
> L80	192.168.x.x:80
> L143	192.168.x.x:80
> 192.168.x.x is the IP address of the server on which I connect to, and
> that has the dovecot server installed.

Try: L1430

You should then be able to connect to your imap server by connecting to 
port 1430 on localhost.

When I tunnel (ok, this is FBSD2FBSD) I use:

$ ssh -L1430:localhost:143

Cheers, Erik

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