"panic: getnewbuf: locked buf" on heavy load 5.4-STABLE

AK lesha at ns.divo.ru
Mon Sep 19 04:36:05 PDT 2005

On Friday 16 September 2005 19:25, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> >  To get a crashdump I should have swapspace >= total ram.
> >  Currently it is only 2G, I'm trying to think of smth. to  get more
> > swapspace. dmesg is available @ http://getfile.biz/dmesg.txt
> Take a look at /boot/loader.conf, you can limit the amount of physical RAM
> FreeBSD uses to less than 2GB for long enough to get a valid dump, assuming
> the crash is easily reproducable.

  Well... it is easy reproduceable, but .... with debugging kernel system is 
  not going into panic, it just freezes.  When I limit apache to 400
  connections (MaxClients), it can work for ages, setting it to 500-600 will
  crash system in a few hours, setting it to 1000 will crash system as soon
  as people starting to download something. (when enough users connect)

  I have tried starting apache with MaxClients 1500, connecting my laptop
  with crosscable, and starting benchmarks/siege on the laptop with 750
  simultaneous connections. Server dies in less than 1 secons. It just 
  It can't be network card, as I have tried different ones. It is not RAM, I 
  have changed it already. What else can it be?


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