Sendmail genericstable help, please

stan stanb at
Sun Sep 18 19:25:22 PDT 2005

I;m trying to set up a 4.11 STABLE machine to act as the mailhost
for a buch of virtual doamins. I'm planning on having "users" on
the machien for each user/doaimn pair. I've got the incoming 
side of this working well with the Sendmail that came with 4.11
(Not the ports version if it matters). I've done this with
/etc/mail/virtusertable and appropruate configuration in file.

Now, I;m trying to get the outbound side of it workig, and I'm
not having much luck. 

I've crate /etc/mail/genericstable and it looks like this:

stan    stan at

I'v also created /etc/mail/generics-domains it looks like this:

I've added the following to both and

FEATURE(`genericstable', `hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable')

I've dome a make ; make install ; make restart sequence in /etc/mail, and
I've set up muut to use a From of stan at Yet still the message
(sent from the machine to the machine) contains:

>From stan at Sun Sep 18 15:44:49 2005
Return-Path: <stan at>
Received: from (localhost [])
        by (8.13.1/8.13.1) with ESMTP id j8IJijnE070566
		for <stan at>; Sun, 18 Sep 2005 15:44:45 -0400 (EDT)
		(envelope-from stan at is the machines "real" name.

Can anyone see anything I'm doing wrong, this is driving me nuts :-(

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