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>Hey Mario,
>Thanks for the response.  I installed nvidia-driver and changed the
>conf file as you suggested, but I get the error:
>NVRM: Detected agp.ko, aborting NVIDIA AGP setup!
>X still starts up, but only with one screen.  Not really sure what to
>do - any ideas?
This might seem far fetched, but what about downloading the ISO of LiveCD 
for SuSe 9.x and burning it. I'm not sure if the NVidia drivers are setup 
but perhaps they might be, and if so then you might be able to use the 
configuration tools in there to hopefully turn on dual display. And from 
that you might be able to look at the X configuration file and make a few 

Hmm, did a google search on your error message so check this link out -

Hope something helps you. :)
>On 9/17/05, Mario Hoerich <spambox at> wrote:
> # Pat Maddox:
> > Anyway I've got a Dell 2001fp and a Viewsonic vp201, hooked up to a
> > GeForce4 Ti4600.
> You'll need to run the binary nvidia-driver (~ports/x11/nvidia-driver)
> for this to work.  Once that works, the xorg.conf-entries are rather
> simple:
>  # see /usr/X11R6/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0 for nVidia-specific docs
>  Section "Device"
>    Identifier  "NV AGP"
>    Driver      "nvidia"
>    BusID       "PCI:1:0:0"
>    Option      "TwinView" "on"
>    Option      "MetaModes" "1280x1024,1280x1024"
>    Option      "SecondMonitorHorizSync" "28-64"
>    Option      "SecondMonitorVertRefresh" "60"
>    Option      "TwinViewOrientation" "LeftOf"  # Or RightOf
>    Option      "RenderAccel" "true"
>  EndSection
>  Section "Screen"
>     Identifier  "Screen 1"
>     Device      "NV AGP"
>     Monitor     "samsung"
>     DefaultDepth 24
>     Subsection "Display"
>         Depth       24
>         Modes       "1280x1024"
>     EndSubsection
>  EndSection
>  Section "ServerLayout"
>     Identifier "Layout 1"
>     Screen     "Screen 1"
>     InputDevice "Mouse 1" "CorePointer"
>     InputDevice "Keyboard 1" "CoreKeyboard"
>  EndSection
> The screen-section sets up the primary display, the other is set
> up with the SecondMonitorXXXXXXX-options in the Device Section.
> ServerLayout sets the screen-section to use.
>  HTH
> Mario
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