is there a way to auto-gather web data?

Gary Kline kline at
Fri Sep 16 21:26:19 PDT 2005

	Hi people,

	No, I'm not trying to "steal" this info--it has been in 
	the public domain for cnturies.  But on ""
	there is an "/cgi/author.html?id=hallaj", let's say.  In order
	to gleen the sayings from "hallaj" I have to click several times
	before the paragraphs are displayed.  wget fails on this one.
	I'd like to scarf up all their sayings automagically....

	Anybody know how to automate my clicking?  There are at least
	150 authors, each with N blurbs.  :-X   ...Talk about carpal-tunnel 
	syndrome.  I've seen what spambots can do to my guestbooks, so
	this may be a __black art__.

	tia, y'all,


   Gary Kline     kline at     Public service Unix

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