Azureus and Java 1.5

Andreas Eriksson andreas at
Fri Sep 16 10:04:45 PDT 2005

Hello FreeBSD users.

I recently installed FreeBSD 5.4 to replace Debian on my laptop that I use 
both at school and at home, because FreeBSD has better support for power 
management for my laptop hardware (especially much better frequency scaling) 
and its always fun to play around with something new (well.. not that new, I 
have used FreeBSD before, and I know how to do basic things like installing 
ports and recompiling the world, but nothing advanced).

I use Java1.5 in the programming classes at school, so I need to have that 
installed, and the installation of java 1.5 went fine. I also need Azureus 
installed for downloading some files at home (other clients tends to be much 
slower for some reason, not using up my connection to the max on the upload, 
and because of that the downloads goes slower too). But when I tried to 
install Azureus it gave me this error message:

/usr/local/jdk1.4.2/bin/jar: not found

Azureus should work fine with JDK 1.5 since it works fine both on Linux and 
Windows with it, and Java is supposed to be very cross platform, right? I 
would prefer to not have to install 1.4.2 for three reasons: I'm low on disk 
space and having two JDK's takes up quite a bit of space, the compilation of 
Java takes many hours and I don't want to wait that long again, and 
according to Azureus website Azureus works much better with 1.5 than earlier 

Before posting this message I tried changing JAVA_VERSION=1.4 to 
JAVA_VERSION=1.5 in the port, and it gave me the following error: 
/usr/local/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.swt.gtk.freebsd.x86_3.1.0.jar (No 
such file or directory)
at Method)

Maybe there is some dependency that Azureus needs with 1.5 that it doesn't 
need with 1.4? Some port I can install first?
A good solution to my problem would be an Azureus binary for FreeBSD, but I 
can't find one and 'pkg_add -r azureus' doesn't find one either.
So my question is: How do I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Andreas Eriksson

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