Printing with Firefox

WOB wayofbsd at
Thu Sep 15 06:21:16 PDT 2005

Rem P Roberti wrote:

> When I attempt to either do a printview, or print, using Firefox the 
> program shuts down. My printcap file contains entries that were 
> automatically created by CUPS.  Any ideas why the Firefox printing 
> functions are inop?
I solved that problem last night, but I'm not sure how.  I was able to 
print from within Abiword, but Firefox would core-dump.  I ended up 
doing two things, one of which apparently fixed the problem.  First, 
when I ran apsfilter, I made sure a test page printed - then chose to 
add the new printer definition to my printcap file (before exiting 
SETUP).  Second, in the printcap file, I changed the first line from 
"ps|lp|aps1..." to "lp|ps|aps1..." - since I read somewhere that "lp" 
was the real name for the printer.  Now I can print.

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