New Sun X2100 servers: Anybody see any glaring issues with FBSD6 in amd64 mode with them?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Sep 14 19:45:47 PDT 2005

Peter Thoenen wrote:
> On an unrelated to FBSD question, anybody happen to know
> what a "sun service processor" is .. its in the options.  Curious if FBSD can
> even use it or if its an OS independent funciton.

I don't know about your earlier questions, but the SSP provides in-band and 
out-of-band management capabilities via an optional daughter card with a DB-25 
serial port and a 10/100 ethernet port.  It lets you do things from the very 
simple like power cycling the system to complex stuff like adjust clustering 
and failover stuff for the high-end E10000 and E15000 Starfire boxes.  Hardware 
fault tolerance monitoring, failure alerts, and so forth.

Some of the capabilities are OS-independent, but the fancier stuff probably 
wants you to be running Solaris to use.


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