cyrus-imap + virtualdomains

Vladimir Dvorak dvorakv at
Wed Sep 14 02:30:57 PDT 2005

Erik Norgaard wrote:

> Vladimir Dvorak wrote:
>> Yes, you are right. Now I am using 2.2.12 and virtdomains seem to be
>> working. But I found another strange problem:
>> devel:/var/run# cyradm -u cyrus at devel localhost
>> IMAP Password:
>> localhost.localdomain> cm user.test
>> ^^^ it works; user test is included into defaultdomain.
>> But when I try:
>> localhost.localdomain> cm user.test at
>> createmailbox: Invalid mailbox name
>> Cyrus is strange software, isn`t it ? :-)
> No, by loging in as cyrus at devel you get access to mailboxes under the
> devel domain, point is that different virtual domains can have
> different admins. You specify this in the imapd.conf.
> Try loging in just as cyrus:
>   # cyradm -u cyrus localhost
> Cheers, Erik
You are right. I can create

localhost>    cm  user.test at devel

when I has been connected as cyrus at devel. Its not good to have admin for
each domain in database ( because it will be huge; all auth and other
information are stored in MySQL backend ). I need some _super-cyrus_
user, which will be able to create arbitrary mailbox with domain.
Several month ago I set it up on Linux Gentoo system and there it was
simple and it behaves as I required - cyrus user was able to create and
delete all mailboxes what he want.


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