[Fwd: Cron <operator@balrog> /usr/libexec/save-entropy]

Paul Schiro pauls at amersel.com
Wed Sep 14 00:41:21 PDT 2005

Doh!  and Duh!  Sorry to waste list space on that one... ;)  Fixed 
now... wierd though since i use vi and don't set it to do any wrapping.

Paul Schiro
Sr. Systems Engineer
American Select
<pauls at amersel.com>

Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Sep 13), Paul Schiro said:
>>I just got a FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE box up and running, and I noticed
>>that all my rc scripts (despite otherwise working properly) output
>>the following to stderr when running:
>>gs: not found
>>files: not found
> I'd check for typos in /etc/rc.conf, possibly due to an overly-smart
> editor wrapping lines on you.

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