Problems with dual ethernet card

Tim Goodaire tgoodaire at
Tue Sep 13 11:02:52 PDT 2005

Recently, I've begun making the switch from Debian Linux to FreeBSD.
I've been trying to set up my old Linux gateway box with FreeBSD 5.4, but
I'm having a strange problem with my dual-port ethernet card.

It was working fine in Linux, but in FreeBSD dc0 is fine, but dc1 shows
up in ifconfig with the status "No carrier". I've tried switching out
ethernet cables to see if it makes any difference, but no luck.

Unfortunately, I don't know where to begin looking for solutions to this
problem. I'm thinking that there may be some sort of conflict or maybe
my card isn't supported.

Any ideas? I can provide more details if needed. I just don't know what
else to tell you about my problem. 

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