cyrus-imap + virtualdomains

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Tue Sep 13 06:16:32 PDT 2005

Vladimir Dvorak wrote:

>>On my server mailboxes in the default domain are stored in
>>/var/imap/spool/user while virtial domain mail boxes are in
>>/var/imap/spool/domain with one subdir for each domain.
> And here is the problem (probably ). I have no 'domain' directory. :-(
> It doesn`t seem that 'virtdomain: yes' has some effect. Is there need to
> compile cyrus-imap with virtualdomains support ?

Only cyrus-imap22 or later supports virtual domains, I assume you use 
this version. It should be supported by default.

Take a look into the pkg-plist file for cyrus-imap22 and see what comes 
with it, there may be some binary that fixes the directory structure - 
reconstruct maybe?. Otherwise try to create the directory manually and 
set permissions.

Cheers, Erik
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