printer causing computer to reboot

Parv parv at
Mon Sep 12 01:08:34 PDT 2005

in message <20050912000621.76762.qmail at>,
wrote Peter Matulis thusly...
> Hi, I am running FreeBSD 5.4.  I have upgraded my ports and recompiled the
> system and kernel.  I have a USB laser printer (Lexmark E310) that is recognized
> automatically when attached.

(That allows use of parallel port too.)

> Occasionally when a print request is sent I receive a message in
> my /var/log/messages file (see first message in list below).  
> kernel: usbd_setup_pipe: failed to start endpoint, IOERROR last
> message repeated 2 times
> kernel: ulpt0: using bi-directional mode
> kernel: usbd_setup_pipe: failed to start endpoint, IOERROR
> Then the system rebooted.

I will leave this others to address as i have not used the printer
via USB at all.  Currently it is being used over ethernet through a
SMC router connected via parallel port.  I did not encounter any
problems when it was directly connected to any of the 2-3 computer

> Another issue is when I send a print request either a) nothing
> happens (maybe a log message is generated) or b) paper comes out
> with this at top left corner: "s: 1"

Could it be a incorrect printcap?  What kind of data (PS, PDF, plain
text), and how, are you trying to print?

  - Parv


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