Strange (newbie) Gateway Errors

Thomas Dimson tdimson at
Sun Sep 11 13:02:06 PDT 2005


I solved most of my problem, but thank you for asking. I have it running on 
the internal network simply by enabling (and configuring a little bit) natd 
on the university network.

Now the only problem left:
I am running a server on both machines, but on my windows box it is port 82. 
I have it configured so that the freebsd box will forward port 82 to the 
windows machine, and the router will forward port 82 to the windows machine. 
It works fine, provided a person on the internal network uses the internal 
IP, and a person on the external network uses the external IP. The problem 
arrises when a person on the internal network decides to use the external IP 
(of my cable modem). I ran a tracert from a person's machine, and although 
the request travels through the internal network, it dies on the last hop. 
Is there someway I can wrap it around so that my Freebsd box will be able to 
server the internal network quickly even though a person may connect to an 
external IP? I suppose an easy solution would be just to put a PHP script 
that directs a person to the right IP depending on their config, but I am 
looking for a more transparent solution.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it,
Thomas Dimson
tdimson at

On 9/11/05, Glenn Dawson <glenn at> wrote:
> Did you already solve your problem? If not, I think I know why
> things are working for you, just didn't want to type out the details
> if you had already figured things out. Let me know if you haven't
> and I'll send you the details.
> -Glenn

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