Fibre Channel disks to two Systems?

Dean Strik dean at
Sun Sep 11 08:16:21 PDT 2005

Danny Braniss wrote:
> hi danny
> 	you are asking too many questions :-), but w/r to netapp:
> same computer, 1gbE, NFS is about 50% slower than FC.
> btw, iSCSI (still beta) is only slightly faster than NFS
> (note NFS is UDP, iSCSI is TCP).

Of course NFS can be TCP as well. And must be TCP for NFSv4.

> as to reliability, the netapp is worth avery penny (actualy K$ :-), had only 
> one major breakdown in over 10 years.

Same experiences here, with lots of NetApps. I would however not be
happy running PostgreSQL over NFS. With FC/iSCSI, no problem.

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