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Gregory Nou gregorynou at
Sun Sep 11 02:36:59 PDT 2005

Will Maier wrote:

>On Sat, Sep 10, 2005 at 11:21:17PM -0700, rolan herreria wrote:
>>We are just worrying about the BSA RAID
>>( We
>>like to change our OS but not that expensive like Microsoft OS...
>>The amount of MS WinXP Pro here is Php9400.00 and we have  10 PC's
>>so we nid Php94,000.00...Those games that we want to run are
>>Ragnarok, Counterstrike, Warcraft Frozenthrone III. Doom3 and any
>>Online Games...
>I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but it sounds like you run
>an internet/gaming cafe. The computers currently run Windows, and
>you want a free operating system to replace it.
>FreeBSD would be a fine choice, especially if most of your customers
>want to surf the web or word process. 3D gaming is also possible,
>but it takes a little bit of work.
>Personally, I run my games on Linux (Ubuntu, in particular); FreeBSD
>runs on my servers and work laptop. There are folks who use at least
>some of the games you mentioned above on FreeBSD; hopefully they'll
>chime in.
I ran Neverwinter Nights, Enemy Territory and UT2004 with great success.
However, playing this game under anything else than windows is to be a 
pain because of patches.
Games producers seem to love making v1.34.01.15 incompatible with 
v1.34.01.16, so as soon as the server administrator decide he will get 
this new, because he wants to correct that bug he did not 
even notice, you will have to update. And there... that's awful. You 
don't have the click here button to upgrade. You have to do it manually, 
hoping the port was updated.
The other problem you may have is with Pack, like in UT, with new 
vehicles, new maps and so on. They are often released in .exe, and 
downloading them using the game is very very slow.
Concerning the games you want to run, I just tried CS (CS1.5, not CS:S), 
using wine, like friends of mine. We only had issues with voice. I did 
not try Warcraft 3, but  there, you might want to use linux and wineX.
But if you're ready to accept these small problems, you should just 
wonder if the games you want to install are ported.
If you're considering building gaming servers, freebsd is definitely a 
good choice. Our gaming server used to run on Freebsd, and nobody 
complained about it.

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