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> Hello,

> I was wondering if the FreeBSD Unix program that I have on cd's would

It's an operating system, not a program.

> be compatible with a Compaq Presario 5430US.  I came close to
> installing it till at the end when it gave a last warning involving a
> message that asked if I was sure I wanted to install and that I could
> loose data on disk once installed.  Do you know if this program will
> work on my computer?  

If you don't know what kind of particular hardware is inside your PC
(e.g. graphics-, sound- and network chip) it is impossible to tell.

The best way to find out is to try running something like FreeSBIE (a
system you can run from CD without installing; 
If everything works in FreeSBIE, you should be able to install without worry.

Some tips though:
- Make a full backup of your harddisk's data.
- Then repartition the disk to make room for FreeBSD.
- If you want to dual-boot with windows, reinstall it before FreeBSD, but
  leave unpartitioned space for it.

If you are not comfortable messing with your windows parition and
reinstalling windows, add another harddisk to the PC and install FreeBSD
on that. Or buy vmware or download qemu or bochs so you can run FreeBSD
inside a virtual machine on windows.

> Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.  I am
> taking a Unix course at a University and could use a program like this
> (version 4.11) to help with my homework at home

Better use 5.4. 4.11 is a legacy version. See the FreeBSD website. and
while you're there, read the handbook.

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