Accessing the Digital IO pins on a VIA EPIA-PD motherboard - Second question

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sat Sep 10 06:52:01 PDT 2005

On Sat, Sep 10, 2005 at 09:13:20PM +0800, Paul Hamilton wrote:
> Ok, so it doesn't look like anyone knows anything about how to access the
> DIO pins on this MB.
> Next question, How does one go about analysing the hardware to find out what
> the io and interrupt addresses might be?

Looking at page 5 of the manual for this mobo
(, it
looks like there is a VT1211 super I/O chip connected to the VT8235

The GPI/O is nowhere to be to been seen on this drawing, but the webpage
for the VT1211 (
lists "56 General Purpose I/O Pins" My guess would be that that's what
you're looking for. You'd have to talk to VIA how the 8 pins on the mobo
are connected to the VT1211.

VIA has released an IrDA driver for the VT1211, but it is Linux-only and

You could write VIA and ask them to release enough documentation to
allow a driver for the digital I/O pins to be written.

Good luck.

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