keyboard bug?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Fri Sep 9 14:30:21 PDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 03:38:29PM +0000, Lucas Galete wrote:
> i have a nootebook toshiba satellite a20. i've installed the freebsd 
> 5.4-release with the X and enliigghtenment.. buut sometimes when I press 
> a key, this''s show twice onn screen. (just readind this email you'll 
> seen what's goinng wroonng here! ) i hhave no ideia whhat is going on... 
> theree is some way to configg thhe keyboard repeat rate on X ?
> ideias are weelcome.. thanks all..

The most permanent way to set the keyboard is to edit xorg.conf, and
add/change the AutoRepeat option in the keyboards InputDevice section.

To experiment with different rates you can use xset with the 'r rate'

In both cases, you need to give two numbers; the first being the delay
in milliseconds before autorepeat starts, and the second being the
number of characters per second. So 'xset r rate 250 40' means a delay
of 250 ms and 40 characters/second.

To see the current settings: 'xset q|less'. The keyboard settings are
the first seven lines.

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