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Fri Sep 9 09:19:09 PDT 2005

On Friday 09 September 2005 09:52 am, you wrote:
Answers to requested information:
> deltaski at earthlink.net wrote:
> > Thank you all, who have considered this message!
> >
> > I am learning BSD with 3 successful units. 1-100mhz pent. running 4.11
> > 1-180mhz pent. running 5.4 and one 266mhz AMD running 5.4
> >
> > I have learned the ins and outs of X, changing rc.conf and am quite good
> > at reinstalling the system after a few "learning" adjustments.
> >
> > Just for fun and my own enjoyment in learning, I have now accepted the
> > challenge of my own home network. I have been able to connect all boxes
> > to my DSL router with DHCP and manual IP assignments and changed/setup
> > NIC's with ifconfig. My reference materal is the Handbook from
> > FreeBSD.org and "The Complete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey.
> >
> > Now the problem!
> >
> > DSL is - Box B has two NIC's rl0= netmask
> > and is connected only to ping works/outside
> > internet works.
> > Box B second NIC rl1= netmask and is connected to
> > a standalone switch/router.
> Is it a switch, is it a router, or is it really both (high end
> thingy like Cisco 35xx?). Probably it is just a plain old switch
> with no routing capabilities. To avoid confusion, you should call it
> what it is.
Oh my, sorry. It is an 8-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch! How does that change 

> > Box A has one NIC eth0= and is connected to the standalone
> > switch/router. Box A can ping and on box b. It can
> > NOT ping or access any outside internet.
> >
> >>From Box B keyboard, I can ping
> >
> >
> >
> >>From Box A keyboard, I can ping only
> >
> > I have tried ifconfig rl0 netmask
> > among many other configurations without success.
> >
> >>From my reading, I think the error of my ways is in the Box B between nic
> >> rl0
> >
> > and rl1. The data packets are not being forwarded from rl1 to rl0 or rl0
> > to rl1. Somewhere I have missed something. If anyone could point me in
> > the correct direction, it would be greatly appreciated.
> At a guess, I think what you are missing is to put
> gateway_enable="YES"

Oh, my sorry! gateway_enable="YES" is in rc.conf!

> into rc.conf of box B (between the Internet router and the inside
> network switch). Otherwise it will not hand packets from one network
> to another. However, you probably do NOT want to enable that without
> also enabling and configuring firewall features on this box as well,
> for which I will refer you to RTFM (the Really Tremendously Fine
> Manual ;).
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/firewalls.html

Oh, my sorry! There is no firewall to complicate the setup. (By the way, I do 
know what RTFM means.)

> If you already have gateway and firewall functions going, does the
> inside box (A) have box B's 172 addr set as its default gateway
> router? If not, then it does not know to send packets destined for
> other networks in that direction for processing. If yes, is your
> firewall configured so tight that it's killing the packets you'd
> like to forward?

Oh, my sorry!  Yes, the default gateway is set and I have no firewall to 
complicate matters.


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