Porting from LInux to FreeBSD

Subhro subhro.kar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 03:25:18 PDT 2005

Deepak Naidu sat at his 'puter and typed on 9/8/2005 15:16:

Hello :-),

>   I am trying to migrate my mail servers from Fedora
>core 3 to FreeBSD 5.4, due to performance issue. 
Cool! Go for it :-)

>1)Which is the suitable filesystem ie UFS2, Ext2
>for mailing server. I used raiserfs in linux.  Which
>File System's are supported in FreeBSD 5.4 and which
>is stable for mailing system.  How do i enable them in
The native filesystem for FreeBSD 5.x and above is UFS2 which performs
exceptionally well IMHO. Reiserfs also has support in FBSD although
readonly only. Just something off topic, did you have any reasons for
using ReiserFS in Linux and not use EXT2/3?

>2)How to i find memory, cpu information in freebsd,
>apart from TOP. In linux we have free and
>/pro/cpuinfo.  I dont see any files under /proc
what information do you need that top does not provide? You can try
sysctl -a | more and analyse all the kernel runtime variables.

>3) Is SMP support enabled in FreeBSD 5.4, or should I
>recompile the kernel for the support(what kernel
>arguments should I use).
No SMP by default is not there in the stock kernel. However you can boot
up your SMP box with the stock kernel and cimpile SMP support in it.
Refer to the handbook for the kernel parameters.
Also have a look at /usr/src/sys/<arch>/conf/GENERIC and
/usr/src/sys/<arch>/conf/NOTES for examples where <arch> is your
architecture (i386,amd64,etc)

Welcome to the world of FreeBSD.


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