Standalone FTP server for installs.

Peter B pb at
Wed Sep 7 09:34:05 PDT 2005

I have written an ftp server in perl to aid with installations over ftp.

Do like this:
  If your release is located in /path_to_relases/5.4-RELEASE on

  Type on your freebsd machine:  /path_to_relases 12000

  Then start sysinstall on the machine to be installed/configured.
  Select: "3 FTP Passive  Install from an FTP server through a firewall".
  Select: "URL               Specify some other ftp site by URL"

  Type:            (complete url

  Any user/pass combination will do.
  Will only read files.
  Locks on the IP of the first client.

I hope this ease some installation scenarios.

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