port scanning and hidden servers

Joshua Weaver josh at metropark.com
Wed Sep 7 08:30:38 PDT 2005

google up arp-sk, use it to modify the arp tables in switch and play with
him a bit :)


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> If you ask him not to do so, then you know who he is, correct? The
> best way to prevent him from continuing is to deny him access to the
> network.  AFAIK there is no way to block a scan, though you could
> close ports and otherwise secure your systems so that the scans won't
> produce any helpful information?  Hiding a server wont help much, nmap
> can scan blocks of IP's.  If the servers aren't on the same network as
> your users they can't be scanned easily, but that might complicate
> your setup.
> IMHO, revoke the user's permission to access the network, or bring up
> the issue with someone who has the authority to do so.
> Mike
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