Compiling for the first time (more or less)

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Sep 6 14:49:20 PDT 2005

Derrill Guilbert wrote:

> Up until now, I've been able to get by just using ports,
> and mostly just the magic "pkg_add -r" ...
> Now I'm trying to create a samba server that will join a
> Win2k domain. I managed to install Samba 3.12 using
> pkg_add -r samba3 ... and at the very end I get a message
> saying that the ADS support is disabled by default, because
> it creates a kerberos dependency and (I thought it said)
> further that I'd have to compile my own.
> Ok, fine. I've got the source from ... where's the
> basic "roll your own" page in the handbook? I'm probaby
> searching for the wrong thing or need to spend some
> time at the Sylvan learning center for my Being Stupid
> disability. Please, someone tell me where in the handbook
> or elsewhere to find the basics of how to reconfigure for
> and do the Make thing.
> I was run through it once by a friend, but it was one of those
> "ok, vi [filename], search for [some string], change it to
> [some other string], save the file, run make, then make install"
> (I think) ... and it was long ago. So I suppose it will look kind of
> familiar when I find it, but I'd like to have something to read while 
> I do it.
> Or maybe I'm asking the wrong question? If you'd like to point
> me to the correct question, that would also be lovely.
> Derrill

Well, the ports system was created so you wouldn't have to think
much about ./configure --WITH-FOO=bar && make && make install,
and then have no way to uninstall except do a visual diff on every "bin"
directory on your box looking for "fooport", etc.

So it's likely that you could run "make configure" in /usr/ports/net/samba3
and give it the options that it needs.  Failing that, then something like
`cd /usr/ports/net/samba3 && make --WITH-FOO=bar install clean` is
likely the incantation of choice.  Check the "Makefile" under said dir.

Since ./configure - make - make install isn't simply a BSDism per se, it's
possible that it's not even in the handbook, although I'm not looking
over it *for you* ATM. ;-) In the event it's not there, I'd probably Google
for "building from source", or some similar string....

HTH && good luck,

Kevin KInsey

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