Hard disk woes

David Kelly dkelly at HiWAAY.net
Mon Sep 5 12:07:35 PDT 2005

On Sep 5, 2005, at 1:56 PM, Michael Abbott wrote:

>> I had a very similar problem a while back. After replacing the  
>> drive in question, then replacing the motherboard, I discovered it  
>> was a power issue. The power supply was freaking out at medium to  
>> high loads, which was causing the device to continually reset.
> Well, I hope that's not it.  I'm encouraged to think not:
>     - the problem seems to be tied to one particular hard disk and I
>       presently run with four hard disks
>     - the system has operated trouble free for three years
>     - my memory is that it was a good quality power supply.
> I don't really see how I'd diagnose a power supply problem, but as  
> I say, the hard disk in question is the only part with problems.

Yeah But... Power supplies wear out. Particularly the capacitors.

I have seen every single component replaced in denial that the  
problem could be related to the power supply. Then the PS was finally  
replaced because it was the only thing which had not. And the problem  
was the PS all along.

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