named slave not refreshing

daniel danstemporaryaccount at
Thu Sep 1 09:43:14 PDT 2005

On September 1, 2005 11:50 am, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> daniel wrote:
> > However, if i change the values on the master and run
> >
> >   # rndc refresh w.x.y.z
> >
> > on the slave, nothing is updated.  I let it go overnight and still
> > nothing changed.  If I restart named on the slave, nothing is updated
> > either.  But if delete /etc/namedb/slave/w.x.y.z.db and restart the
> > server, THEN it gets the new values.
> >
> > Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
> For a dollar, my bet is that you didn't update the serial number in the SOA
> record of the zone file.

That was exactly it.  Thanks so much.  This page explained the rest:

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