Freebsd / FireFox / Macromedia Flash : The Quest

George Katsanos gkatsanos at
Mon Oct 31 04:49:37 PST 2005

I m currently trying to figure how I m gonna have a Flash Plugin at my
I know there are like 5 or 6 threads on the mailing list archive about this
, but some different than others , and some buggy!
I see know that to have the linuxflashplugin pkg's installed I'm downloading
like..zillions of Linux compatibility pkgs like gtk and atk rpms and much
much more.
Question is this : Why don't 'we' have a Freebsd native flash plugin and we
need to run Linux compat stuff ? 
Is it a Macromedia Licence issue?
Is it a Firefox issue ?
Is it a freebsd team thing?

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