math/grace port: "" not found ??

Rob spamrefuse at
Tue Oct 25 20:41:34 PDT 2005


I'm running FreeBSD 5-Stable.

I only seem to encounter this problem with the
math/graphical port 'grace', and the dlopen()
call inthere.

It seems to be a FreeBSD specific problem and
I wonder if other people on this list encounter
the same problem.

This is the problem:

1. Install Grace from ports (math/grace)

2. Create $HOME/.grace/gracerc.user and put
   one line in this file:
     USE "pow" TYPE f_of_dd FROM "/usr/lib/"
   (this is the example from the Grace UsersGuide)

3. Start grace like this:
   $ xmgrace
   Shared object "" not found,
      required by "xmgrace"
   DL module load failed: USE "pow" TYPE F_OF_DD
      FROM "/usr/lib/"
   Error at line 1

Because if this library problem, Grace cannot
load "pow" from "/usr/lib/". However,
apart from that, grace starts normally.

The syntax in file "gracerc.user" is correct; I
have verified this with the Grace mailinglist.
The line "Shared object...not found" is the error
message-string set by the dlopen() call in Grace:

  handle =
    (void *)dlopen("/usr/lib/", RTLD_LAZY)

When I do a 'locate', I get:

Why is dlopen() failing on "" ?

A possible hint could be that ""
appears when 'strings /usr/X11R6/lib/'.
Why is it in ??

Thanks for help or clues!


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