optical mouse problem

Zsolt Kúti kutizs at t-online.hu
Tue Oct 25 11:43:19 PDT 2005

Dear All,

I've got a Samsung PS/2 (SMOP5000WX) mouse that does not work. While
the pointer appears, it hectically wanders around the screen and
suddenly produces false keystroke-like actions.

Applying hint.psm.0.flags="0x0200" makes it a plain PS/2 mouse, that
works fine (no wheel then, of course).

Without that flag, configuration is OK with another PS/2 mouse, wheel
working. The optical mouse is recognized ("4D+ Mouse"). moused.c
contains code that in priciple handles this type, in practice not. I
tried various moused parameters, even serial types (I know, it
against what it is recommended in man) , NORESET as hint, none of them

What could I try to get it operate normally?

Or better leave it alone and go for a new one?


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