cvsup, mirrors and data integrity

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at
Sat Oct 22 13:39:07 PDT 2005

> I don't like the style of djb, sorry.
I know, but his tools work and are great for such things.
There have been occasions on which the bgp "blinks"/ntpd decides to go play
and after a while the box goes disfunct and I have to start/stop manually.

> The box has 1 ide and 4 scsi disks. But I had to
> remove scsi cables and can't find a replacement
> at the moment, so it's on ide for now.
> Squid is also on the server. So I guess, when
> scsi disks are back online, I'll dedicate 2 to
> squid, and 2 in a vinum mirroring array with
> softupdates disabled for more important
> things, like cvs repos, distfiles, etc.
Try setting up a md through which to buffer the read/write operations for cvsupd
For CVS there is a hint in the hubs article
/dev/da0s1b /anoncvstmp mfs
rw,-s=786432,-b=4096,-f=512,-i=560,-c=3,-m=0,nosuid,nodev 0 0

cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/bin/cvs cvs -f -l -R -T
/anoncvstmp --allow-root=/home/ncvs pserver

I suppose if you play a bit, you can come with a similar solution for CVSUP.

Btw, have you extended an existing stripe with growfs?

I have to extend my stripe on which ftp+rsync repo lies with 0,5TB and
would like to preserve data if possible.
All the best
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