cvsup, mirrors and data integrity

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sat Oct 22 13:19:10 PDT 2005

On 10/22/05, Dimitar Vasilev <dimitar.vassilev at> wrote:
> > I guess I'll have to escalate the importance of this
> > machine being shutdown correctly and stop all
> > cvsup processes before doing something risky.
> Yup - try putting the CVSUP under DJB daemontools or something like this.
> > If that doesn't help, I'll make a separate partition
> > for the repo with soft-updates turned off. With
> > 95% of reading against 5% of writing, I'm sure
> > there won't be a measurable performance impact.
> Are you on SCSI or IDE/SATA?
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> Димитър Василев
> Dimitar Vassilev
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I don't like the style of djb, sorry.

The box has 1 ide and 4 scsi disks. But I had to
remove scsi cables and can't find a replacement
at the moment, so it's on ide for now.

Squid is also on the server. So I guess, when
scsi disks are back online, I'll dedicate 2 to
squid, and 2 in a vinum mirroring array with
softupdates disabled for more important
things, like cvs repos, distfiles, etc.

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