creating snapshot capable ufs2 filesystems _after the fact_

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Oct 20 09:52:21 PDT 2005

In the last episode (Oct 20), user said:
> I was just looking at the man page for newfs, and the new "-n" option
> ... basically if you newfs with -n, a .snap directory is not created 
> in the new filesystem, and thus that new filesystem will not support
> snapshots.
> Does this mean that if I simply `mkdir .snap` in the root of a
> filesystem that suddenly it is snapshot capable ?  That is to say, is
> that .snap directory simply a plain old directory, and having a ufs2
> filesystem support or not support snapshots is only dependent on
> simply having that directory in place ?

Snapshots are always enabled, and can be placed anywhere.  .snap is
used by background fsck, and newfs creates that directory so that it's
guaranteed to exist when fsck needs it.  You can use create it manually
if you want, or create another directory to put your snapshots in.

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