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Thu Oct 20 09:47:24 PDT 2005

On Thursday 20 October 2005 16:35, makisupa wrote:
> Thanks for the reply...
> My ports tree is up to date -- i believe the "problem" (if you want to
> call it that) is that I installed gnome 2.12 from package at marcuscom
> (on a 6.0 RC1 system -- i needed 6.0 for some HW issues).  I therefore
> have newer versions of certain files than many of the ports in the
> current tree are expecting.  Does this sound like a reasonable
> explanation?

Not entirely. FreeBSD releases all share the same ports tree, and neither 
gnome 2.12 nor glib-2.8.3 are in it. It sounds like you picked up a 
work-in-progress, development version of Gnome rather than simply the current 
version built against a 6.0 based system

> Your answer is the one everyone has been telling me for the last week.
> And i truly appreciate the response.  I keep thinking i'm asking the
> question wrong :)  I would understand this answer if the dependencies i
> had were OLDER than what the port was looking for...but I have a NEWER
> version.  For example, while installing pan2 it needs glib-2.6.6.  I
> have glib-2.8.3.  How can i properly get this port installed?

It really depend why you got packages for 2.12 rather than the current ports 
version. If gnome 2.10.2. is broken on  6.0-RC1, then it's going to be 
tricky. The fact that make install in the pan2 directory causes  glib to 
build suggest that some port isn't compatible with glib-2.8.3. 

On the other hand if you simply got the 2.12 version because it was there, I 
would suggest removing it and installing  2.10.2 - presumably pointyhat has a 
compatible version. Alternately portmanager will probably be able to handle 
the reversion through the port system.

You also have the options of waiting for 2.12 to hit the ports tree, or doing 
without gnome.

Forcing the glib-2.6.6 registration will overwrite the glib-2.8.3 version 
which may break gnome.

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