Hardware selection for comment.

Peter Clutton peterclutton at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:20:22 PDT 2005

On 10/18/05, Murray Taylor <MTaylor at bytecraft.com.au> wrote:
I have mental question marks against the graphics card
> and the response time of the monitor (I intend to use KDE and Xorg, am
> not
> interested in flashy games / video, but do want sharp, full colour
> resolution)

If you do not desire to play flashy games, the monitor is absolutely
fine. Actually if all you want is a nice sharp full colour resolution,
21ms would be enough, but for price difference, you may as well go
with 12.

I spend many hours (not on a freebsd machine) playing half-life,
counter-strike, Tiger Woods, with all settings turned on full, with a
16ms monitor. It looks great. Sure, I would be able to notice the
difference if i got one of the new 8ms or 6ms, but hey, that's because
of the games I'm playing. So rest assured 12ms will meet your needs.

Hope that helps.

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