Mysql server not able to stay running on anything but Linux?

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Wed Oct 12 15:55:46 PDT 2005

 --- Justin Bastedo <justin.bastedo at> wrote:
 > Yeah i still have quite a way to go to catch up on
 > you on actual
 > usage, but would be good to see if the problem
 > persisted on the
 > 5.4-STABLE release. As Kris said "a number of bugs
 > have been fixed in
 > 5.4-RELEASE.." it might be a good test. Also does
 > this persist across
 > all the versions of mysql? I know they just
 > the RC of 5.0,
 > may be able to leverage that a bit i know  they
 > really pushing to
 > get that released, and might be nice knowing that
 > this problem is
 > fixed in the new release.
 Hi again :)
  Well we built 3 fairly identical servers for
 and to try replication. At first they all had BSD
 5.4-RELEASE. One had -P4 the other 2 had -p6
  So they were pretty high up there on the patch
  Also to stop them from falling over constantly we
 to insert: 
  (as it seemed the other threads could not support
 at all!)
  Also no one from Mysql seemed to think going to
 STABLE would do anything. It's a very very tough
 to play lets see what happens if.. On production
 servers. The time it takes us just to bounce from
 machine to another is pretty decent. Let alone
 downtime etc.
  Hence my boss's push for Linux. "Since MYSQL says
 will definatly work on Linux.. We should switch to
 > I'm definately interested to see what the final
 > solution is on this
 > matter. I can easily forsee our db load getting
 > close to that level
 > within the next couple of months depending on how
 > these contracts play
 > out.
  Well, I will post whatever happens. As I said the
 most  annoying part to all this is that so far we
 been unable to crash the 5.4 servers via any testing
 means we (and Mysql) could come up with. Yet in
 production they fell over as soon as the load
 to climb and points in between. But never on the
 of decreasing load for the day. (always felt that
 odd)  IE it would die on the bell curve increases
 never at the coresponding downward cycle of the
 busy curve.
  If anyone knows of any particulary evil testing
 programs I would love to know. It's tough to
 30+ servers asking lots questions and forcing tons

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