X-application for sending keystrokes, xse?

Igor Robul igorr at speechpro.com
Wed Oct 12 02:01:30 PDT 2005

guru at Sisis.de wrote:

>I've some X-application (only in binary form) written in
>Java which presents the official Spanish dictionary; having
>it up&running it says about itself the below attached 'xprop'
>output and if someone wants to see a small screen shoot it is
>here: http://www.sisis.de/~guru/drae.jpg
>In the small input field one can type Spanish words and the
>X-application presents the page from the dictionary for the word;
>my idea is to connect this to my editor 'vi' with a small
>key macro to send over the actual word where the cursor is to this
>application as it was typed in in the input field; like this:
>map <F8> "xywo<ESC>"xp:.,.w !xsendkeys `cat` > /dev/null 2>/dev/null ; ^Mu"
>Is there some 'xsendkeys' in FreeBSD which can send the keys 'hablar'
>to the X-application calling

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